when someone’s so attractive you want to fuck their brains out in the craziest way imaginable but they’re also rly nice and interesting and you wanna give their heart lil kisses and read books with them and cook breakfast for them in the morning


I’m gonna say this now okay

If someone says they aren’t a girl, DO NOT CALL THEM A GIRL P L E A S E

I don’t cARE if they are wearing a dress and heels and makeup with done up hair and cleavage showing , if they say they are not a girl THEY AREN’T a GIRL

Respect their name and pronouns whether they’re he/him, they/their, or any others okay


turn on: when all my coloring pencils are sharpened and pointy


on this day one year ago someone sewed a fried egg to a tshirt


Do you ever just hate someone bc they remind you of yourself


"Oh, they DO carry it in a muted pastel!  Well, that’s embarrassing…"